Causas culturales y religiosas de la distinta reacción de Japón y Europa ante la debilidad demográfica.

Japón y Europa comparten muchos rasgos históricos y culturales. Son las dos únicas culturas en la que se ha dado una sociedad feudal. Europa continuó con el proceso: tuvo una transición al absolutismo y de ella a los regímenes capitalistas. En Japón no se dio esa transición, pero el feudalismo proporcionó la base sociológica para la importación de las instituciones Occidentales. No es de extrañar que haya sido Japón la sociedad que más rápido y mejor las ha recibido.

Como Europa, Japón está afectado por un envejecimiento de la población debido a una natalidad insuficiente. Sin embargo, los remedios que han puesto son muy distintos. Básicamente, rechazan abrir las puertas a una inmigración descontrolada. Van a hacer todo lo posible por mantener su cultura.

Estos dos artículos dan muchos detalles y explicaciones sobre la diferente respuesta de Europa y Japón. Os traigo algunos:

All this notwithstanding, one does not see the same class envy in Japan, the same anti-elitism and toxic «progressivism» that has wreaked so much havoc on Western Europe and on the United States and Canada. Japan is as socialist as France or Germany, but without the venom, coveting and selfish indulgence that characterizes this political persuasion in Europe.

Japan too is governed by an unelected cabal: very old men of influence manipulating party politics and known, aptly, as the «black curtain.» And Japan’s self-perpetuating bureaucracy is second to none. The system has been honed to such perfection that high government employees who retire ascend to «heaven,» known as amakudari. Heaven consists of quasi-governmental, for-profit corporations created to provide make-believe, high-paying jobs for retired bureaucrats, such as enforcing the myriad regulations and their attendant levies that said retirees wrote into the code book when they were still on government pay.

But embezzling money and wrapping a country in red tape for selfish reasons are one thing. Wholesale treason, making of Europe Eurabia, planting the seeds of perpetual strife and future civil wars, robbing the native peoples of their homelands and birthrights, siccing new, totalitarian laws on them to stifle their dissent, persecuting relentlessly those who object to the ethnocide – all these are another matter altogether. And Japan knows nothing of such horrors.

Both Europe and Japan have deprived their peoples of the fundamental right from which all other rights flow: the right of armed self-defense. Allegedly, this has been done in the people’s own interest. But the rates of violent crime have gone up dramatically since the enactment of such forcible disarmament of Europe’s citizenry.

In England and Wales, for instance, homicide rates have gone up by 50% after the government enacted a ban on firearms in the mid-1990s. In continental Europe, armed robberies and shooting homicides continue despite the long-standing disarmament of the population, or perhaps because of it. In Japan, in contrast, the same strict banning of firearms has not increased crime, and homicide and robbery are, in statistical terms, practically nonexistent.

Japan, on the other hand, has been preparing for a future with a smaller and older population. Instead of importing Asian nurses, Japan has developed robots that care for hospital patients, or it exports its old and infirm to the countries where the nurses are. Instead of importing window and wall washers, it has developed nano-polymers that repel dust and dirt. Instead of importing street sweepers, it has mobilized retired volunteers to maintain the cleanliness of their own neighborhoods. Instead of opening its doors to primitives who happen to be refugees, Japan donates huge sums of money to refugee organizations. Japan does not wish to dilute itself, for any reason.

The Orientals have no interest in and do not allow such rubbish. Let the stupid gaijin flock to Western Universities on the taxpayer’s subsidy to take academic courses with titles like The Phallus, Queer Musicology, Blackness, Nonviolent Responses to Terrorism, and Drag: Theories of Transgenderism and Performance. In Japan, Korea and China, equally, one goes to university not to masturbate for four years at society’s expense but to study nano and bio technology, medicine, and other useful things.

It’s amazing that the Church – it matters not which denomination – was so quick in bowing to that foreign conception of God while having yielded, decades ago, the last few vestiges of its own old and superficially similar conception. It is perhaps not coincidental that the Church in Europe is strongest and liberalism is weakest in countries where they think locally and act locally. Poland, for instance, has a cult of the Black Madonna, and ostensibly Christian holidays have as much in common with the Amaterasu Shinto traditions of Japan as with the postmodern and shaky Christianity of Western Europe.

Esta es una pequeña propuesta:

If the true account of the genocides, gynocides, warmongering, ravages, slavery, oppression, cruelty, racism, ethnocentrism, exploitation, hate of «the other» and pure barbarism in the histories of Africa, Islam or the early Mesamericans were taught in Europe’s and America’s schools, the West’s self-hatred would have had at least a true yardstick against which to measure itself.

Eso haremos aquí, seguiremos informado sobre la barbarie del Islam.

Astarte and Amaterasu – The diverging destinies of Europe and Japan

Astarte and Amaterasu – The Diverging Destinies of Europe and Japan. — Part 2


Parece que Japón acaba de cambiar de política: Japan must boost immigration – ruling party panel. Gracias Montcalm.

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  1. «Let us be honest: If the people of Zimbabwe were being terrorized by a white despot – if it were a white ruling party whose goons were beating them and burning their homes – the whole world would be aroused on their behalf. Surely they deserve no less just because their oppressor is black.»

    ¡Y que tenga que ser un neocon quien diga estas cosas!

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