Lo que Santa Claus le traerá a la Bella Durmiente

Santa Claus viene de Turquí­a y la Bella Durmiente es la Europa actual, aunque esto se refiere a Holanda en concreto:

* Homosexuals will be afraid to reveal their sexuality.

* Nudity and other violations of Islam will no longer be allowed on TV or in public.

* Criminality will increase further.

* The Dutch will inherit criminal behavior.

* Crimes will be punished more severely.

* There will come new national laws the Muslims desire.

* The value of an eyewitness report will decrease in court.

* The amount of depressed people and suicides will increase.

* Corruption will take on epidemic proportions.

* The use of alcohol in public will be forbidden.

* The Dutch will become irritated and short fused.

* The innocent look in the eyes of the Dutch will vanish.

* The Dutch workers will be pushed out of their jobs.

* Several groups of Muslims will get into conflicts.

* The honesty and mutual trust among the Dutch will vanish.

* The coziness, sense of humor, and urge to freedom of the Dutch will disappear.

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