Eurabia, en italiano

Después de la traducción al francés aparece la traducción italiana. Con motivo de esta nueva edición FrontPageMagazine hace una entrevista a la autora.

Dice que nada ha cambiado:”Europa está actualmente encadenada al mundo árabe y musulmán y no puede desatarse ni cambiar de dirección”. De hecho, las cosas han empeorado:

Bat Ye’or: The situation has aggravated on every front. At the beginning of the war in Iraq, (in Spring 2003) there was some hope that a democratic government would take over and would bring justice and peace to its people. But the elimination of tyranny, thanks to the Coalition forces, only brought to the fore the worst evil and inhuman forces that consume Arab-Muslim societies. The war in Iraq exposed American’s shortcomings, Western divisions and unreadiness to confront global jihad. The chaotic situation there and the nuclearisation of Iran have fortified the Islamists. Moreover, the lamentable response of the Olmert government against Hizbollah in Lebanon and the electoral triumph of Hamas in Gaza, comfort the impression in the Arab and Muslim world of an Israeli and a Western debacle. Britain was humbled and did not react firmly to the kidnapping of fifteen of its sailors by Iran. Instead, British journalists and academia turned with violent hatred against Israel to appease Muslim governments and particularly the Palestinians who had abducted, for ransom, a BBC journalist. Such behaviour is typical of dhimmitude: the Christian dhimmi, being too afraid to attack his Muslim oppressor, directs his impotent frustration against a weaker and innocent dhimmi victim, the Jew. Those triangular relationships are constant in the social and political fabric of dhimmitude for more than a millennium and till today.

No falta una referencia a Zapatero superdimi:

Moreover, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Latino-Arab alliance encouraged by the Andalusian Zapatero isolates America even more. The tactic to divide the West in order to weaken it, is succeeding.

El cambio más notable del libro es la introducción de un nuevo concepto, el “palestinianismo”:

FP: You have introduced a new concept: «Palestinianism.» What does it mean exactly?


Bat Ye’or: I think that it is, precisely, «Palestinianism» which is at the root of Europe’s decadence. It is an ideology based on a replacement theology whereby Palestine replaces Israel. As it has been conceived and instigated together by European and Arab intellectuals and politicians, it combines the worst of both cultures. For the Arab and Muslim world, Palestinianism embodies the ideology and aims of jihad against a rebellious dhimmi people. It is therefore based on a Muslim culture and theology that deny territorial independence and sovereignty to any non-Muslim people.


Palestinianism opposes Israel on two main points: 1) Jews being a dhimmi people cannot rule Muslims, even less liberate and govern their country, especially if it has been formerly conquered and colonized by jihad — such as Israel, Spain, the Balkans, Hungary and parts of Europe. Jews must be brought under the yoke of Islam. And this, of course, applies to Christians as well; both must be reduced to submission and dhimmitude. 2) Muslim doctrine rejects the Bible, it does not accept that it is the history of the people of Israel and the source of Christianity. Muslims believe that the biblical narrative, as it is transcribed in the Koran, is the story of the Muslim people and of Muslim prophets. For this reason, they deny the historical patrimony and ancestry of Jews and Christians in the Holy Land. For them, both Testaments have an Islamic source and describe an Islamic history since the people in the Bible and Jesus himself (Isa) were Muslims. Judaism and Christianity are seen as a falsification of Islam. This is the inner core of the ideology — even a doctrine — of Palestinianism, and of its war against Israel.

A ver si vemos pronto una edición en “la lengua del imperio”, que falta nos hace: somos uno de los eslabones más débiles de la cadena.

The Palestinianization of Europe

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